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Tiny iPad Magazine Maker

Create: WYSIWYG, No need one line code.

Distribution: One click to cloud storage, auto distribute to all your reader.

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Do not need to write any code, use our Mac magazine editor, you can create the professional-level iPad interactive electronic magazine. Simple like operating "Pages" and "Keynote", drag is enough, do not need to understand the typesetting, do not need to know InDesign or Photoshop.

Rich template

All kinds variety well-designed templates, to help you to show a variety of content, a powerful template design system, you can design your own templates to speed up the process of creation. We will also continue to provide carefully design templates.

Cloud distribution

As soon as magazine is uploaded to the cloud, you can quickly publish it to readers. Advanced cloud systems guarantee upload, download quickly shortcut. Regardless of the reader in which city, what kind of network, can quickly download.